Teaching Acivities
Venerable Dharma Acharya Trainer Natalya Molitvina
This page is intended to apprise you with activities of Dharma Acharya Trainer and to show you briefly her methods of saving and spreading Buddha Path, also it is to highlight future projects and to give a possibility to accumulate merits for living beings with strong positive thinking by supporting of spreading Buddha Path in Russia.
Successful Dharma activities:
Since October 2018 Principal Dharma Acharya Natalia has given open teachings in Moscow and 8 other Russian cities, where people were not familiar with tradition of Dzogchen Buddha Path yet. About 150 people were introduced to teachings of Buddha. Extensive distance-learning course on Buddhism with broadcasts of group lectures and personal classes for each of students is now under way on a regular basis. Organizing of Buddhists Centers in cities visited by Natalya is now being worked on.
Open Teaching in Moscow

"Karma – the power of our mind"

Promoting Center "Open World"
Pavlovskaya Street 18

Open Teachings in Tver

"Self-Healing with Power Of Wisdom"
"True Happiness"

"The Golden Wheel of Dharma"

"What did Buddha perform miracles for?"
"Blessing of Supreme Wisdom"

"GoMasterClass" hall
Radischeva Avenue 4

Open Teaching in Borovichi

"Nirvana or what was the teaching Buddha taught"

"The Golden Wheel of Dharma"

Shopping and Entertainment Center "Olympus"
Spasskaya Square 4

Open Teaching in Izhevsk

"True Happiness"
Venue: Yoga Studio "Shanti"
Kommunarov Street 220

"Endless knot of luck"
"Who is a Bodhisattva?"
Venue: Yoga Center "Atmosphere"
St. Udmurtia 304a

"Jewel fulfilling desires"
Venue: Yoga Studio "Place of Power"
st. State Farm, 10

Open Teaching in Naberezhniye Chelny

"Nirvana, or what was the teaching Buddha taught"
Venue: Yoga Center "Ashram"
Naberezhniye Chelny 41/096

"Mantra, Mudra and Samadhi"
"Blessing of Higher Wisdom"
Venue: Golden Dragon Center
st. Raskolnikov, 79 "A"

Open Teaching in Kazan

"The Golden Wheel of Dharma"

"Wisdom power"
"The middle way is neither a king nor an ascetic"

Venue: yoga center "Shanti",
Moscow St, 58

Open Teaching in Saratov

"Who is a Bodhisattva?"
"Three Jewel"

Venue: the center "Unity",
October St, 44
Open Teaching in Samara

"Flaming sword of wisdom"

Venue: yoga-home "Ava"
Frunze str., 17B

Open Teaching in Tolyatti

03.05.2019 "The middle way is neither a king nor an ascetic"
04.05.2019 "Mantra, Mudra and Samadhi"
Venue: yoga studio, ul. 40 years of Victory 9, office 108.
Open Teaching in Ulyanovsk

03.05.2019 "Three Jewel"
04.05.2019 "The Golden Wheel of Dharma"
Venue: yoga studio "INSIDE", Krasnoarmeyskaya St, 29
Now as a result of the open lectures 53 new students have started to attend the distance-learning course.
The system of distance-learning courses has been successfully developed.
The Beginners' course has already been carried out thrice. Now 68 people are studying at the course. More trainings in practices and views are provided now and new centers are being opened in Tver, Bologoye, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Naberezhniye Chelny and Izhevsk.
Scheduled Dharma activities:
Now Dharma Acharya Trainer Natalia has moved to live in Kazan and in the near future she is going to give many open lectures in Kazan, Izhevsk, Ulyanovsk, and Naberezhnye Chelny.

In addition, a new tour in other 5 cities of Russia with open lectures is scheduled.
(Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, Yoshkar-Ola, Nizhnekamsk, Ufa)

Current work is focused on development of methodological recommendations and other supporting guidance for organizing similar projects in other countries and also on development of programs for distant and open teachings with technical hints for organizing broadcasts of online distant courses.
Russia really needs Dharma.
Unemployment and poverty make people unhappy.
Most of cities where Acharya Natalia teaches are disadvantaged and low-income places, so there is no source of sponsorship needed there.
Nevertheless people in Russia are interested in Buddhism and the need for open teachings in Russian cities is great.

Dharma spreading provides gaining of enormous merits, so if it is possible – please support activities of Dharma Acharya Trainer in Russia!
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Buddhist Teachings are aimed to yield benefits to all living beings.
Different kinds of teachings are similar to different medications, these teachings are given and addressed to students with different karma, abilities and life's circumstances.
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