Tibetan Buddhist Master
Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche
Great Perfection of Wisdom lineage holder Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche was born in Tibet, where he began training in Buddhism at the age of five at the Dzogchen Monastery. He has been recognized as the reincarnation of enlightened Tibetan master Gedun Chopel, who is the emanation of Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of the Buddha's Wisdom. He received the transmissions and teachings of the Sutras, Tantras and Shastras from forty-two Buddhist masters and the complete empowerments and instruction of the Dzogchen Tantras from his root masters Khenchen Padma Tsewang, Drupchen Chatral Chochyab, and Guru Dechen Namdrol.

He studied and taught for ten years at the Dzogchen Shri Singha Five Sciences University the five major sciences of Fine Arts, Medicine, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Buddhism, as well as the five minor sciences of Poetics, Synonymy, Prosody, Drama, and Astrology. For seven years he meditated in the Siltrom Mountain caves in the Holy Dzogchen area of Tibet, under difficult conditions, with little food and only a few tattered clothes. During that time, he recited millions of mantras and was directly granted the blessings of Buddha Shakyamuni, Padmasambhava, Shri Singha, Bodhisattva Manjushri, Avalokiteshvara and Tara. Continuously he studies and practices with diligence, as well as being patient, disciplined, and generous to others. He is always radiating wonderful blessings and healing powers of wisdom to all beings and all elements.

Rinpoche is the thirty-third holder of the Dzogchen lineage, lama of Dzogchen Monastery, a Professor of the Dzogchen Shri Singha University, Spiritual Leader of Dzogchen Shri Singha International, Founder of the Dzogchen Shri Singha Dharma Centers, and Director of Dzogchen Shri Singha International Charitable Organizations. He has written more than thirty books on the five major sciences. He currently teaches Dharma and gives practice training to thousands of students, in more than forty countries around the world.

How We Feel About Our Master, Dzogchen Khenpo Rinpoche

We all call our master "Khenpo," which means professor of Dharma. Khenpo is an extraordinary professor indeed. Khenpo's teaches that "Love and Compassion plus Knowledge and Wisdom equals Buddha Dharma."

Khenpo is himself an embodiment of these teachings. He takes care of many Tibetan refugees in Nepal and India. There are often many refugees in ragged and patched clothing gathering around the Buddhist Center to seek help. Khenpo has never failed them. Through Khenpo's efforts the children have been sponsored to receive an education. The warm smile on his face is a source of relief and encouragement to the refugees, and they are devoted to Khenpo as a second Buddha. We feel that Khenpo is indeed the embodiment of Love, Compassion, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

Khenpo spends most of his time travelling and spreading the Dharma around the world. He teaches Dharma simply to many students who ask him difficult questions. All questions will get Khenpo's serious reply, and Khenpo never has any displeasure or impatience. Khenpo always reminds us not to be angry or jealous so that we may be self-liberated.

Khenpo has immeasurable love, generosity, and care for his students. He restored confidence and happiness to some students who had been depressed. Through his advice and healing, he has saved the lives of many people around the world. Those who spend a long time with Khenpo witness many spontaneous miracles and supernatural powers used for the benefit of many people.

Khenpo's spontaneous conduct gives people the impression of a yogi endowed with great compassion, patience, pure discipline, and skillfulness in teaching. His speech is peaceful and soft, but at the same time sharp as the sword of Manjushri, revealing the faults of the student.

Khenpo's Dharma teaching is compelling and inspiring, qualities evident even in his recordings. He has a thorough understanding of the five major and five minor sciences of the Buddhist tradition, and is constantly learning modern sciences, medicine, as well as other religions. Because of this, his teaching is lucid and detailed yet humorous, and the examples he gives are accurate and pertinent. It is no wonder many of his students are professionals -- doctors and scientists -- and include people from different religious backgrounds. Khenpo treats all people equally with respect, but is intimidated by no one. Khenpo is determined in keeping his promises and swift in action. He likes to use his time to create beneficial results.

We know that Khenpo is currently raising funds for Dzogchen Shri Singha projects. All the donations he receives are used for Dzogchen projects.

The History of the Vast and Profound Dzogchen Lineage
Dzogchen Longchen Nyingthig

The original Dzogchen lineage was transmitted from Dharmakaya Buddha Samantabhadra to Sambhogakaya Buddha Vajrasattva to Nirmanakaya Buddha Shakyamuni.

In 626 B.C.E. our supreme Dharma teacher, Buddha Shakyamuni, was born southern Nepal, which in ancient times was northern India. At the age of thirty-five, Shakyamuni attained Buddhahood in Bodhgaya, India and began to teach the dharma in this world. For the next forty-seven years the Buddha's teachings flourished throughout the universe and as a result many sentient being attained enlightenment. At the age of eighty-two, Buddha Shakyamuni passed into nirvana. Thereafter, the Buddha Shakyamuni manifested in two wisdom emanations.

Dzogchen Khandro Nyingthig Lineage

In 90 A.B.B. (After Buddha's Birth), eight years after Buddha's Parirnirvana, the first emanation of the Buddha, Padmasambhava, came into this world and received the complete teaching from many enlightened masters. Padmasambhava taught the Dzogchen Khandro Nyingthig to numerous beings in India's eight great sacred places and China, and introduced and spread Buddhism throughout Tibet. His main disciple, the Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal, also taught the Dzogchen Khandro Nyingthig to many practitioners who achieved the enlightenment of Buddha. This tradition was handed down through the ages and later passed from Longchen Rabjam through to Dzogchen Padma Rigdzin. Today, the Dzogchen Khandro Nyingthig lineage lives in the heart of the Vajra master at Dzogchen monastery. Our master, the Great Natural Perfection Yogi Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche, is the twenty-fourth holder of the Dzogchen Khandro Nyingthig lineage.

Dzogchen Longchen Nyingthig Lineage

In 110 A.B.B., twenty-eight years after Buddha's Parinirvana, the second emanation of the Buddha, Prahevajra (Garab Dorje), came into this world and received teachings directly from Sambhogakaya Buddha Vajrasattva. Pahevajra taught the Dzogchen Nyingthig to various beings for many years in India and in seventy-five sacred places of the dakinis. His main disciple was Manjushrimitra. Manjushrimitra's main disciple was the Great Dzogchen master Shri Singha, who still lives in an enlightened state in the Holy Dzogchen Valley.

Shri Singha was born in Shokyam, northwest Asia, approximately 2,300 years ago (299 B.C.E.). Starting at the age of fifteen, he practiced and prayed for three years. Later, while traveling by camel toward the City of Golden Island, he had a pure vision of a compassionate deity who gave him guidance and made a prophecy. Inspired, he then traveled to the sacred Five-Peaked Mountain (Wu Tai Shan, Shanxi Province in China) and meditated for many years in order to attain ultimate wisdom. He prayed and prostrated there day after day, until a vision of an awe-inspiring deity appeared before him. Feeling tremendous devotion and respect, he recognized that this deity would guide him along the Path.

The deity was actually the compassionate Avalokiteshvara. He told the young sage, "If you really wish to become enlightened, go to Sosadvipa, Uddiyana, in northwest India, to meet Manjushrimitra, for you have a strong karmic connection with him from previous lives." Then Avalokiteshvara disappeared.

The young sage was filled with the aspiration to meet the Dzogchen master Manjushrimitra. After struggling over the difficulty of leaving his family, friends, and country, he departed for Uddiyana. On the long journey, through the miraculous power of the Dakinis, he overcame obstacles created by humans and non-humans alike. Finally, he reached the holy place of Uddiyana. There he met face-to-face with his mother-like master, Manjushrimitra, who gave him the Sanskrit dharma name Shri Singha; shri means glorious and singha means lion.

For twenty-five years, Shri Singha studied and practiced the dharma in India with Manjushrimitra and eventually became a great Siddha. From his guru he received the transmission of the six million Dzogchen Tantras, the essence of the buddhadharma that enables one to accomplish buddhahood in one lifetime. Shri Singha became the sixth holder of the Dzogchen Nyingthig Lineage.

Before passing into nirvana, Manjushrimitra told Shri Singha to go to the Siltrom Snow Mountain of Rudam Canyon (now called the Holy Dzogchen Area located in Kham, eastern Tibet), as well as to the Five-Peaked Mountain to practice and propagate the Dzogchen Nyingthig teachings for the benefit of countless beings. Upon attaining nirvana, Manjushrimitra vanished from the top of the Sosadvipa Stupa in India. Shri Singha uttered a deep, heartfelt prayer calling on his master, and suddenly Manjushrimitra reappeared in front of him. He gave Shri Singha a small treasure box containing the essential points of the Tantras, Gomnyam Drugpa (The Six Experiences of Dzogchen Meditation).

Following his master's instructions, Shri Singha then went to the Rudam Canyon. There, Shri Singha transmitted the Dzogchen teachings to numerous beings from many worlds and purelands. His main disciples were Jnanasutra and Vimalamitra. After many years of benefiting beings, Shri Singha transformed into a Rainbow Body and disappeared into the radiant Dharmata. His secret transmission, Dzir Bu Dunpa (The Seven Dzogchen Nails), was passed into the hands of Jnanasutra.

Jnanasutra in turn gave the Dzogchen teachings to Vimalamitra, who then taught them in Tibet for many years. Hundreds of practitioners attained enlightenment of Rainbow Body. His main disciple was Tendzin Zangpo also taught the Dzogchen teachings to many practitioners. Later, this Dzogchen lineage passed from Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa through to the Vajra masters of the Dzogchen Shri Singha University.

Today, our master, the Great Natural Space Yogi Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche, is the thirty-third holder of the Dzogchen Longchen Nyingthig lineage.

Dzogchen Buddha Path Sangha
With blessings of his root Teachers the 3rd Supreme Head of Nyingma Drubwang Padma Norbu Rinpoche and Supreme Tulkus of Dzogchen Monastery, Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche founded and keeps founding lots of Dzogchen Shri Singha Dharma Centers.

The Centers support learning and practicing Dharma being a basis for preserving and extension of Dzogchen Lineage.

The root of Dzogchen Shri Singha Dharma Centers is Dzogchen Monastery which includes Dzogchen Shri Singha Five Sciences University.

The Monastery is located in the Holy Dzogchen Area in Tibet where for centuries a lot of great practitioners had been attaining realization in the sacred Dzogchen caves.

The Dharma Centers from all around the world are like sunlight emanated by the Sun of Mother Dzogchen Monastery.

In Russian Federation, Moscow and St. Petersburg are lit by this Light.
the Dzogchen Buddha Path distance education network
Online training courses for everybody,
who wishes to study Dharma

The courses are provided via live YouTube broadcasts individual Skype trainings.

The courses are free for everybody,
after completing a previous level one can proceed to studying one or several courses of the next level.

Beginners' Course

It's an open course for everybody regardless of one's previous level of knowledge. The course lasts
for 2 months on regular basis.

Foundations Course

It's a retention course.
Topics of the course:
thinking, time, reincarnation, karma, interdependence, etc.

Practices of the Buddha Path course
It's a retention course: guidelines on practices of thinking transformation and ways to obtain happiness.
Self-Healing with Wisdom Power course
It's a retention course: guidelines on Heart practices of the Buddha Path
In-depth study course
It's a course for third year and older students: in-depth studying of Vinaya, Sutra and Abhidharma.
Teachers' course
It's a course for well-prepared students, who wish to participate in activities of saving and spreading Dharma.
Natalya Molitvina
(Pema Shong Tsen Tso)
the teacher of the courses
Principal Dharma Acharya Trainer of the Dzogchen Buddha Path Lineage, empowered by Tibetan Buddhist meditation Master and Dzogchen Lineage holder Khenpo Choga Rinpoche.
Practicing Buddhism for 17 years, more than 2 years Natalya had spent directly near her Master, in retreats on in-depth studying and practicing Dharma. For 8 years Natalya has been helping practitioners from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Bologoye in their progress on the Buddha Path, answering questions of everybody who is interested in Buddhist view, giving support to people living in towns with little information about Buddha Dharma.
"I want Buddha's Teaching to become more available than air we breathe"

Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche
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